the making of the O'Leary holiday card | los angeles family photographer

One of my favorite things about film is that you get 16 shots on a roll (or 35 depending on what kind of film you are shooting)...that means when I go out with my kids (or clients) I am not shooting of 100 frames...I am waiting and shooting intentionally because each time you click it costs you better make it count. (I could do this with digital obviously but it's amazing how I can switch to full lead trigger finger when I pick up a digital camera!!!) This has really helped with shooting my own kids! Unlike when we used to go out and take pictures and I would shoot off 100 frames and it would TAKE.FOREVER. now they know there are only so many if they behave and do what I will be quick! So the only thing I need to worry about is my sweet 7 year olds chandler bing smile :) LOL. For our picture this year there were some walls I had been scouting out to use....when we got to the first one the sun wasn't in the right place to get the shot I had in my head so I clicked 3 frames and we left and went to the red wall, which i am OBSESSED WITH....funny enough i ended up using the first frame for our card. But I thought I'd share the roll I shot...only missing the blinking few.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!! Thank you to all my awesome clients who allow me to capture their families year after year!! I truly appreciate each and every one of you!! xo

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