little beach vacation | family photographer los angeles

Did you know they do not have piers in Australia?! I had no idea! It was the perfect setting to document this families vacation to sunny Southern California!! They got the full experience on a Sunday at Noon during the summer!! Packed, but beautiful and fun nonetheless! Here are a few of my favorites from our time together! I adore the way film handles midday sun.

family photographer los angeles-vacation1

family photographer los angeles-vacation2

family photographer los angeles-vacation2a

family photographer los angeles-vacation8a

family photographer los angeles-vacation3

family photographer los angeles-vacation4

family photographer los angeles-vacation4a

family photographer los angeles-vacation5

family photographer los angeles-vacation6

family photographer los angeles-vacation7

family photographer los angeles-vacation8

family photographer los angeles-vacation9

family photographer los angeles-vacation10

family photographer los angeles-vacation10a

family photographer los angeles-vacation10b

family photographer los angeles-vacation13a

family photographer los angeles-vacation11

family photographer los angeles-vacation12


family photographer los angeles-vacation14

family photographer los angeles-vacation13

family photographer los angeles-vacation12

family photographer los angeles-vacation14a

family photographer los angeles-vacation15

family photographer los angeles-vacation16

family photographer los angeles-vacation17

family photographer los angeles-vacation18

family photographer los angeles-vacation19

family photographer los angeles-vacation20

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party until the sun goes down | family photographer orange county

Warning! Overshare! OH how I adore this session!!! And while I trying my hardest to cut portions out of the blog post I realized this is my blog and if I want to overshare...I'll overshare. :) I had quite the few vacationers this year...which is so fun! My own family hired a photographer on our last vacation and I treasure those images because if we had not had them done I probably would not have been in any of our vacation pictures!!

Anywhoo...I had so much fun with them I could have packed myself up and gone on through the rest of their vacation with them!! They were ready to play and let things go with the flow. They loved and hugged and had a smile on their faces even when their daughter went running into the water in her cute little outfit and got drenched at the BEGINNING of our session...that was her and they went with it!!

Here are a few (ha, ha! ok all) of my favorites from our time together...until the very last light.

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear1a

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear2a

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear3

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear4

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear5

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear3a

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear16

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear17

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear15

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear11

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear13

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear12a

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear12

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear6

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear9

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear7

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear8

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear10

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear11a

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear14

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear10a

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear10b

los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear18 los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear19 los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear20 los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear21 los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear22 los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear23 los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear24 los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear25 los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear26 los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear27 los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear28 los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear29 los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear30 los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear31 los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear32 los-angeles-family-photographer-no fear33

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low tide | family photographer los angeles

One of my favorite shoots from 2013 was a returning client who had moved away but was here on vacation! We have been blessed this winter with AMAZING weather and a super low tide, making me fall in love with southern california even more (as if there was any doubt how much i loved it before!) Here are a few of my favorites from our morning at the beach!


























sweet face | palos verdes family photographer

I loved every moment working with this family. Doesn't little M have the SWEETEST face. sweet face_palos verdes family photography

sweet face_palos verdes family photography2

sweet face_palos verdes family photography3

sweet face_palos verdes family photography4

sweet face_palos verdes family photography5

sweet face_palos verdes family photography6

sweet face_palos verdes family photography7

sweet face_palos verdes family photography8

sweet face_palos verdes family photography10

sweet face_palos verdes family photography10a

sweet face_palos verdes family photography11

sweet face_palos verdes family photography12

sweet face_palos verdes family photography13

sweet face_palos verdes family photography14

sweet face_palos verdes family photography15

sweet face_palos verdes family photography16

sweet face_palos verdes family photography17

sweet face_palos verdes family photography18

sweet face_palos verdes family photography19

sweet face_palos verdes family photography20

sweet face_palos verdes family photography21

sweet face_palos verdes family photography22

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someone loves being a big brother! | irvine newborn photographer

irvine newborn photographer - big brother1 irvine newborn photographer - big brother2

irvine newborn photographer - big brother4

irvine newborn photographer - big brother5

irvine newborn photographer - big brother5a

irvine newborn photographer - big brother7

irvine newborn photographer - big brother8

irvine newborn photographer - big brother9

irvine newborn photographer - big brother14

irvine newborn photographer - big brother13

irvine newborn photographer - big brother10

irvine newborn photographer - big brother11

irvine newborn photographer - big brother12

irvine newborn photographer - big brother15

irvine newborn photographer - big brother16

irvine newborn photographer - big brother17

irvine newborn photographer - big brother18

irvine newborn photographer - big brother19

irvine newborn photographer - big brother20

irvine newborn photographer - big brother20a

he's here! | hermosa beach family photographer

Just a few months or so before we did their maternity images on the beach in Hermosa.Another gorgeous day!! They have some good weather karma!!

Welcome little man, it was so nice to meet you!!

hermosa beach family photography-palos verdes-1

hermosa beach family photography-palos verdes-2

hermosa beach family photography-palos verdes-3

hermosa beach family photography-palos verdes-4

hermosa beach family photography-palos verdes-5

hermosa beach family photography-palos verdes-6

hermosa beach family photography-palos verdes-7

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