miami | los angeles film photographer

Before I had children, and suddenly had this urge to capture them and others, I loved photographing things. Buildings, windows, scenery and the like. I would tell everyone to get out of my pictures. And then that changed. Now that I photograph people I have the HARDEST time photographing other things. It is not second nature to me anymore.

Last month I went to Miami and the Bahamas on a little get away with my mother, brother and my sister-in-law. For the first time, I had no kids with me (or kids stuff) - so I brought my Contax with me. I only shot a roll (give or take) in each place but at least i did it! I am notorious for lugging camera gear on vacations and having the best intensions without the follow through. SO here are a few of my images from walking around Miami. I forced my mom to get in a few too. 

Techie Info | Contax 645/80 2.0 + Lomo-Wide | Kodak Ektar | Goodman Film Lab