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It's birthday week over here at the O'Leary house! My kids are three years and three days apart (incidentally my husband and I are only 12 days apart! Little tidbit for ya!) I remember when Pierce turned five, thinking that was the craziest thing ever......and then the baby turned five. And now, we've made our way past it and it makes my heart hurt just a tiny bit. They are getting so big. 
My muse. My mini me. She turns SIX today. I make her pinky swear every night as we count sheep that she will always be my best friend. I know that pinky swear promise will be a hard one to keep and that she might not always like me so much as we navigate the teen years...but until then I will cherish every moment.
Her teacher says that her smile lights up the entire room from the time she walks in to the time she leaves...I'd say that is a pretty good description of my sweet soul. 

Happy Birthday my love!! I am so proud to be your mommy!!

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