the genes are strong | orange county newborn photographer

Oh how I love a newborn baby session!! I had the pleasure of photographing number three for this family a few weeks back! Here are a few of my favorites from our time together! 

I have been fortunate enough to photogaph the older brother and sister of this family when they were newborns as well, those are some strong genes! Can you tell which is which? 

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Now Booking Spring Mini Sessions | Los Angeles Family Photographer

I'm back! I didn't forget about you all! Unfortunately there is no Wifi at the baseball field and since I have been living there lately...well ya know.
Love this little family! I adore watching my clients grow up and Mr. G and I have been playing since birth! Here are a few of my favorites from our latest play session with his mom and dad. 

OH and i have to mention I have a few more spots available for spring mini sessions!! Drop me a note at OR through the contact form if you want info!!  

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just play | orange county family photographer

Happy Friday to y'all! 
Thought I'd share another favorite shoot from 2014! This was a mini and it was POURING rain just an hour before our session!! Thankfully this family, at least mom & dad, was game for anything and it turned out to be an amazing day! The clouds are always my favorite right after it rains! 
The stars aligned and here are a few of my favorites from our time together!!
I am going to be schedulding out mother's day mini session soon!! Shoot me an email at OR use the contact form on my website to get in touch if you are interested!! 

nassau, bahamas | los angeles film photographer

Our Bahamas cruise stopped in Nassau in the Bahamas. There isn't too much to do when you just walk off the ship. We didn't have enough time to go to Atlantis, which is that pink tower in the first set of pictures, so we decided to walk through town to the Queen's Staircase. The staircase is 65 steps, one for each year of Queen Victoria's rule and leads up to Fort Fincastle which is a triangular fort that was built in 1793 to protect the island from invaders. The kids are SO LUCKY they weren't with me because I probably would have stopped them every five seconds to take a picture infront of some kinda cool wall!!! I love how everything is so brightly colored and how vibrant all the plants are next to the contrast of how run down all the buildings are. OH and the water is the most perfect shade!! My brother and sister-in-law amuzed me for a second but OH if I could go back and do a shoot in the bahamas!! (putting it out there into the universe!!!) 

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miami | los angeles film photographer

Before I had children, and suddenly had this urge to capture them and others, I loved photographing things. Buildings, windows, scenery and the like. I would tell everyone to get out of my pictures. And then that changed. Now that I photograph people I have the HARDEST time photographing other things. It is not second nature to me anymore.

Last month I went to Miami and the Bahamas on a little get away with my mother, brother and my sister-in-law. For the first time, I had no kids with me (or kids stuff) - so I brought my Contax with me. I only shot a roll (give or take) in each place but at least i did it! I am notorious for lugging camera gear on vacations and having the best intensions without the follow through. SO here are a few of my images from walking around Miami. I forced my mom to get in a few too. 

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SIX | los angeles family photographer

It's birthday week over here at the O'Leary house! My kids are three years and three days apart (incidentally my husband and I are only 12 days apart! Little tidbit for ya!) I remember when Pierce turned five, thinking that was the craziest thing ever......and then the baby turned five. And now, we've made our way past it and it makes my heart hurt just a tiny bit. They are getting so big. 
My muse. My mini me. She turns SIX today. I make her pinky swear every night as we count sheep that she will always be my best friend. I know that pinky swear promise will be a hard one to keep and that she might not always like me so much as we navigate the teen years...but until then I will cherish every moment.
Her teacher says that her smile lights up the entire room from the time she walks in to the time she leaves...I'd say that is a pretty good description of my sweet soul. 

Happy Birthday my love!! I am so proud to be your mommy!!

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grateful | los angeles family photographer

Oh, what to say. Grateful for this family is an understatement.
When you get sick to the point where you are wondering how things are going to take care of themselves, without your little happy world falling apart, you only can hope that you have surrounded yourself with people who will, without a second thought, jump in with two feet and help you out. And when that happens so seamlessly, that you don't even need to think, it is truly the biggest blessing ever. 
Largely, because of this girl, my kids knew I had Cancer but it did not effect them. They were picked up every morning and taken on summer adventures with their friends and dropped off fed and ready for bed....not just for a week, but for the ENTIRE SUMMER and then some. What was going on with the kids was the least of my worries and most importantly I knew they were safe and having a awesome time. She is an amazing example of selflessness and the best friend a girl could ask for. I don't think she'll truly every understand how much I appreciate her...even if I say it over and over and over and over. 
With that my best friends sweet family is up on my blog today....Love you Crvelin Family!!! 
Can't wait to play this summer all together!! 

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NINE | los angeles family photographer

My little love muffin turned NINE yesterday! When they say the days are long but the years are short, who ever they is sure aint kidding!! I was always into photography but he sparked the fire in me (and also made me apologize to my mom - who is a photographer - for always giving her such a hard time when she tried to capture us growing up!!)  It's not too often he allows me to take his picture these days but at least he doesn't look at his nose anymore ;)

He's growing into such an awesome young man and those dimples don't hurt his cause either. 

We love you buddy!!

a few of my favorite things | los angeles family photographer

A few of my favorite things. California Winters. VW Buses. Sunflare. Mini-Sessions. Thinking about putting those things together again. Shoot me an email if you're interested! Palos Verdes is SO pretty right now would love to get some families out there for a few quickie shoots! Let's set something up!! And the bus is always up for use's a work in progress but super fun for pictures!!

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miss arden love | los angeles newborn photographer

My favorite part about being a newborn photographer is capturing all the little parts that change so quickly. The flakey skin, the mullet fohawk, the back rolls, tiny feet. The unbelivable love you suddenly have for this tiny little person!! You think you won't forget about all those endrearing newborn qualities and then in a blink they are asking you to drop them off at a friends house or turning 6. (my kids birthdays are this week so excuse me if I get mushy, it's a hard week for Mama!!! But seriously, how is my baby going to be SIX?!!)  

I hope to create images that trigger those memories. Allow my clients to hold them close even when their babies have gone and grown up (how dare they!!)

So without further delay....introducing the adorable Miss Arden Love to my blog....with her lovely mom and dad. I had so much fun capturing these images. Hope you love them too! 

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love | los angeles family photographer

I love finding unexpected shots on the ends of my rolls, usually it's a quick "sit here and let me finish the end of a roll" before I rush off to the post office. (as seen by the pjs and football - which is glued to Pierce's hands these days). These two are my world and their love for each other makes my heart go pitter-pat. <3

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bliss | los angeles family photographer

Happy belated New Years all! Instead of doing a favorite images of 2014 I am sharing my favorite sessions!! Since they are all sitting in my hard drive waiting to be shared with all you lovely people!! LOVE this set. Your pictures should look like YOU! They should be reflective of your style. Don't over think, just get dressed in your favorite things and come play!! 

Cheers to a happy, healthy and blissful 2015!! xo
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the time is now | los angeles family photographer

It's too often we moms (and/or dads) do not get in the picture for one reason or another, usually because we are the one behind the camera or because we feel like something could be different, we don't have the right outfit, our hair isn't done, or we already have it in our heads that the kids won't cooperate and it's going to be a living hell (you know some of you think that!!)......and if we just.change.something....well then we would be camera ready. All the while letting the time fade away. Forget that!! Now is the time!! And I promise I will make it fun!! I have a few more openings before the end of the year and I would LOVE to capture your family! Click the contact tab to shoot me a note and let's play!! 

Here are a few of my favorites from this awesome mama shoot. Gotta love the big brother, little sister dynamic, these two are TOO cute and we had so much fun!! For me there is something so therapeutic about low tide...espeically paired with that last bit of light. You just can't help but smile.

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