Hi my name is Victoria, but my mom has called me Tory from day one so feel free to use that instead!

Years from now, when you look back through your family pictures you will want to remember more than simply having your picture taken. You'll want to remember moments, you'll want to hold a picture in your hand and have that visual. A tangible memory of what your newborn smelled like in their first few weeks, how small their toes were, that strange, but completely endearing, look your toddler seemed to use everyday for a year. The craziness of it all. My hope is that your moments will be art on your walls not just files in your computer. That they will be somewhere where you can look at them everyday and reflect on those tiny inbetween moments that seem to fade so fast.

I have made images with all different mediums. Film speaks to me. Beyond the soft graininess and true rich color, I love how meticulous it makes me be as an artist. Allowing me to be thought-fully present in the moment, waiting for the perfect second to click the shutter to freeze time.

A few things to know about my work......I shoot with a few different cameras at the same time (and often am tangled up in them). I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with instant film (you might even leave your shoot with a little keepsake!) I have a soft spot for b&w (but I almost always shoot in color unless requested!!). I'll choose moment over technical almost all the time (that blurry image was done like that on purpose!) AND to me sunflare on film is the bees knees. 

I encourage you to bring as much of yourself to our session. Wear what you would normally wear, hug, laugh, cuddle, swing, sing, kiss, cry, LOVE (even if the kids aren't into it!!) I will be there to capture it all and preserve it with respect, admiration, and joy. 

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to use the contact form (it's usually easier and faster than calling). Can't wait to hear from you, I look forward to working with your family!!


photo credit: YANphotography

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